Two Think®

A Revolutionary Approach to Leadership
Two Think

Today’s world is marred with conflict and dissention. Media talking heads polarize thinking. Negative attack ads fill the airways. Within organizations, competition often overrides cooperation. People fix themselves into rigid viewpoints, refusing to entertain contrary opinions or beliefs.

What is leadership’s role in this conflicted context? How can leaders bridge gaps to bring people together? What tools exist to help you lead effectively in such a divisive world?

For over three decades, Leadership Works’ founder, Glenn Furuya, has sought answers to these questions by studying the patterns and behaviors of global leaders. His findings uncovered a revolutionary mindset and approach to leadership, which challenges leaders to embrace contradictory and paradoxical thoughts and behaviors and blend them to achieve higher levels of communication, teamwork and success – a process called “Two Think®”.

What will I learn?

Based on a blend of Eastern and Western principles, behaviors and values, this enlightening workshop will teach you the key, paradoxical patterns of leadership that eliminates polarizing “either/or” thinking and invokes a unifying “both/and” mentality to achieve extraordinary growth.

The result is a transformational mindset and approach to teamwork, service and leadership that:

  • Resolves conflicts
  • Builds teams
  • Optimizes systems
  • Empowers people
  • Grows organizations

There is no other workshop like this today.

Who should attend?

Anyone seeking to become a more successful leader or grow their organization by understanding and applying the transformative powers of Two Think™.

How do I sign-up?

This workshop is currently offered in-house, only. If you are interested in learning more or scheduling a session, please contact us.