Tools for Effective Communication

Reduce drama. Enhance teamwork. Boost productivity.
Tools for Effective Communitcation

It’s difficult to imagine an individual or organization that wouldn’t benefit from improved communication. Whether you’re coaching an employee, working on a team project or solving a customer problem, your daily interactions and ability to get results is dependent on the art of being able to effectively and clearly communicate with others.

Yet, universities and businesses seldom provide their students and employees with the kinds of tools that would boost their communication skills. As a result, organizations are often hampered by unnecessary “drama” – causing costly workplace disruptions that, ultimately, reduce productivity and negatively impact your organization’s bottom line.

What will I learn?

Leadership Works’ approach to improving communications is simple, direct and amazingly effective! This skill-based learning experience provides practical and useful protocols and skills to help you and your team communicate clearly, build trust and get things done. You’ll learn:

  • How to improve performance through effective communication.
  • How to give clear and complete assignments.
  • How to inspire people to action.
  • How to acknowledge people and express sincere appreciation.
  • How to honestly and tactfully address inappropriate behaviors and poor performance.
  • How to keep people informed and engaged.
  • How to honor people through active listening.

After a full day of inspiring exercises and interaction with other participants, you will emerge as an effective and skilled communicator!

Who should attend?

Designed for employees at all levels who want to improve their communicate skills.

How do I sign-up?

This workshop is offered publicly in Hawaii at select locations. To register or review our upcoming schedule, please visit our schedule of upcoming Events or Register pages.    If you are interested in learning more or scheduling an in-house session, please contact us.