Social Style

Know thyself. Manage thyself. Improve relations. Get things done.

We live in an age of increasing connectivity and diversity. Technology has all but erased our borders, allowing us to reach across the globe with a mere push of a button. It is redefining how we do business, how others learn about us and even who is considered our “friend.” Now more than ever, the ability to build and sustain positive personal and professional relationships is vital to every endeavor.

Yet, most people have only a vague understanding of their own behavioral style and how it affects others, and few are able to recognize others’ styles and overcome differences to build rapport.

Fortunately, the Social Style Model, the world’s most widely used interpersonal effectiveness tool, can help bridge those gaps. Powerful, proven and easy to understand, individuals and organizations can boost their relationships, communication and productivity merely by understanding the four Social Styles: Driving, Expressive, Amiable, and Analytical. In addition, research shows that the Social Style Model is more effective than its competitors, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and DiSC.

What will I learn?

Facilitated by a certified Social Style instructor, during this highly-engaging, eye-opening and life-changing workshop, you will:

Social Styles
  • Discover your personal Social Style.
  • Learn how your behavioral Social Style patterns affect others.
  • Receive feedback on your Social Versatility - a measurement of your ability to work productively with others and a leading predictor of business success.
  • Gain valuable insights on the four core human needs that drive behavior.
  • Obtain and practice valuable skills to effectively identify other behavioral styles and build rapport.

Putting it all together, this two-day course will equip you with life-long skills for forging enhanced relationships and enrich your interactions with others.

Who should attend?

Anyone seeking to develop meaningful and lasting relationships with others, enhance customer service, improve teamwork, build loyalty, increase sales or discover practical ways to connect with others. In other words, just about everyone!

How do I sign-up?

This workshop is currently offered in-house, only. If you are interested in learning more or scheduling a session, please contact us.

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