The Leadership Works Experience

Grow yourself. Grow your team. Grow your organization.
The Leadership Works Experience

Leaders are the “make or break” point of any organization. And while some believe that great leaders are born, we believe that the thought and behavioral patterns of extraordinary leadership can be cultivated.

Based on three decades of research, observation and experience working alongside numerous successful leaders and organizations, Glenn Furuya, founder and President of Leadership Works, has unearthed these patterns and converted his findings into a world-class, eight-day leadership journey that is comprehensive, practical and designed to produce profound results.

An investment in The Leadership Works Experience is an investment in your future!

What will I learn?

Held over eight amazing days, you will uncover the personal patterns embodied by real leaders, identify your leadership purpose, define your core leadership principles, discover ways to establish high-performance processes and learn how to create an organization of empowered and committed people – all while forming new bonds with other community and business leaders.

Specifically, you will learn how to:

1. Develop eight personal patterns of real leadership, including:

  • Establishing a state of mindfulness
  • Building a foundation of trust
  • Developing essential leadership patterns
  • Learning how to build and sustain energy
  • Leading “island style”
  • Avoiding the primary causes of leadership failure
  • Getting things done
  • Developing lasting professional and personal relationships by understanding your Social Style and the impact it is having on others

2. Create a clear sense of purpose by:

  • Determining a compelling leadership and organizational cause
  • Establishing an ambitious stretch goal
  • Developing operational and transformational vision

3. Define and apply principles that bond, including:

  • Utilizing a “bowl” metaphor to create clear behavioral and performance expectations
  • Implementing four key agreements that minimize workplace drama

4. Implement and sustain smooth-running, high-performance processes by:

  • Organizing for maximum efficacy
  • Orchestrating a smooth systemic flow
  • Optimizing systems to achieve higher quality and productivity

5. Create an organization of empowered and committed people, by:

  • Setting people up to succeed by fulfilling 12 critical people obligations

Who should attend?

The Leadership Works Experience is designed for supervisors, managers, directors and executive personnel who are committed to developing their leadership, teams and organizations.

How do I sign-up?

We offer this course publicly at various locations throughout the year. Please review our current schedule of events for upcoming workshops or click here to register online.