Strategic Intuition & Planning

Moving Forward

As I close out this month’s series on “leaders are like cars,” think about your journey forward.

Fast Companies

One of my favorite magazines to read is Fast Company. It has a unique focus on innovation that is written by and targets progressive readers and leaders. It’s full of inspiring and fascinating stories about organizations (both large and small, well-established and start-ups) that are leading change across the globe and driving the future of business. If you’ve never picked up a copy before, I highly encourage you to check it out (

Think, Dream, Believe, Dare

As a youngster, my mother would often speak highly of people who built successful businesses. She seemed enamored by their drive and success.  Although she grew up “dirt poor” on a farm, she worked hard, attended a “commercial college” and eventually became a successful retailer.  Before she died, she had proudly joined the ranks of the business people she so admired. 

If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

 “Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.

Visionary Leaders

A recent Hawaii Business television program, entitled "Founders and Visionaries," highlighted two organizations and their leaders from my hometown of Hilo, Hawaii, both of whom I've had the privilege of working alongside for many years.