Forever Young: A Theme Song for Life

I just saw the latest "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie, "On Stranger Tides." In the movie, Johnny Depp ventures off to find the Fountain of Youth. It reminded me of my high school social studies class, when I was intrigued by the fourteenth century explorer, Ponce De Leon, who also sought the Fountain of Youth.

As I grew older and began studying leadership, I came to realize that real leaders must also seek the Fountain of Youth. Only by retaining “child-like” qualities can you continue to grow and transform yourself and your environment. How do you do this?

Foreveer Young
  • Be a warm person. Cold is old.
  • Live in the present.
  • Stay curious. Keep asking “Why?”
  • Be in awe of the world around you – “Look at the world through kid-colored lenses.” (I took that picture in Boston.)
  • Think out-of-the-box.
  • Create with reckless abandon.
  • Pursue your passion.
  • Have fun.

In your search for your Fountain of Youth, what have you discovered? What are your secrets to staying Forever Young?