Process Improvement

8 Practical Pivot Points for Success

As we are nearing the end of the year, it might be a good idea to do a quick “tune-up” of your organization by reviewing 8 PRACTICAL “P” PIVOT POINTS for success.  Use the following checklist to give you a good idea of things you need to work on in 2014.


Don’t Find Yourself Riding on a Burning Bus!

On a recent trip to the mainland, Debbie and I took an excursion to the desert country-side of Nevada to see the Hoover Dam.  On our way back, we came across a tour bus fully engulfed in flames.  The inferno began swallowing up the vehicle.  Loud explosions disrupted the desert calm.  Being in an isolated area, it took awhile for fire crews to arrive.  By the time they arrived the bus was burnt to its frame, charred and hallow.  Fortunately, the 59 tourists on the bus were safely evacuated and no one was hurt.

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same!

I like traveling and reading journals, like the Harvard Business Review and Fast Company, to keep up with the latest research on leadership.

1 + 1 = 2

Dr. Deming insisted that leaders provide team members operational definitions of words commonly used, such as service, quality and excellence.

Congratulations Big Island Candies!

Christmas came early this year, when Big Island Candies announced today that they will open a temporary store at Ala Moana Center from around Thanksgiving  to just after New Year's (  Located on the mall level near the Apple Store, it will be a rare and most welcomed opportunity for Oahu residents and visitors to fill their stockings and suitcases with delicious treats that are normally available only online or by visiting their store in my hometown of Hilo, Hawaii.

When Dreaded Variation Rears Its Ugly Head

We recently spent a fun week in Las Vegas.  As a member of Leading Hotels of the World, we get great deals on beautiful places to stay (for example, in Hawaii, the Halekulani Hotel is a Leading member), so we opted to stay at a higher-end resort on the Strip.  Upon arrival, the front desk staff was friendly and helpful.  The room was well-appointed and clean.  Except for one meal, the food was above average.  Then dreaded variation reared its ugly head!

The package we booked came with free breakfast coupons, and therein lay the problem....