People Development & Teamwork

Back to School?

Since it’s back-to-school time, let’s discuss education this month.

R is for Respect

To close out our series on relationships, here’s an acronym to help you remember some of the more critical factors of building and sustaining relationships.


My final installment on generational issues concludes with my own generation, known as the Baby Boomers....

The "X" Factor

The next installment on our segment on generational issues brings us to Generation X....

Age Matters

I get a lot of questions about generational differences in today’s workforce.  Many express frustration at the behavioral patterns they observe and find it difficult to relate to people older or younger.

Got Tempo!

"Tempo" is something to which most leaders fail to focus on, yet it is, in my opinion, a key element of organizational success. Tempo reflects the speed at which leaders make and implement decisions.  How quickly they identify and solve problems.  It’s their ability to anticipate and grasp opportunities, respond to threats and adjust to competitive pressures.

The Value of a Mentor

In April of this year, I wrote a blog about Tony Taniguchi, former President of KTA Super Stores, regarding the profound impact his leadership and mentorship had on shaping me and, ultimately, the future of Leadership Works.

Social Style Review, Part 4 - Analytical Style

We conclude our monthly review on Social Style with the Analytical Style...

Social Style Review, Part 3 - Expressive Style

We now move to the Expressive Style in our August lessons on Social Style behavior...