Making the Invisible Visible

Over the last four decades, I’ve attempted to make visible and more understandable, critical concepts of leadership through the use of metaphors, such as the “starfish and it’s nerve ring,” the “bowl and the banana,” and brewing “tea” when “hot water” comes your way.

Long Story Short

Recently, I had the privilege of sitting down with Leslie Wilcox for her PBS Hawaii Segment, Long Story Short.

I was humbled and honored to be asked to tape this segment, sharing in the company of so many others that have appeared on Leslie’s show, and grateful for the opportunity to pay tribute to those that helped me along the way.

I hope you enjoy!


M Power Your Leadership

During November and December 2014, we cleaned out a storage locker, which had boxes and boxes of stuff accumulated over the years.  We donated a third, dumped a third and put the rest in smaller storage lockers we have here at our condo. It was a painful exercise, draining both physically and emotionally.

As I sorted through old materials, I found an outline of how we used to structure our leadership program years ago.  At that time I called it M Powered Leadership.  Hopefully, it will serve as a reminder to many of you....

What Makes You Thankful?

First, I apologize for not writing to you last month.  I have been caught in task inundation and flag on path failed.  I got sucked "IN."  So many things going on…trying to sell our house, moving to a new house, finishing our Fall run of the Leadership Works Experience, client engagements and a trip to American Samoa.  (Typical Expressive, excuses for everything!)

One From Many?

On a recent trip to Washington DC, I was reminded of our country's motto, "E Pluribus Unum," which means, "out of many, one."  Originally it meant that out of many states (or colonies) emerges a single nation. In recent years its meaning has shifted to out of many peoples, races, religions, languages, and ancestries form a single people and nation.

How to Make a Fruit Salad

Ever have a leader who tried to bring out the “fruits” of their team and organization by going about it the wrong way?

Does Your Duck Swim Straight?

Think of your organization like a duck in a pond. The duck represents system 1, your operations. The duck’s feet, or system 2, symbolize work ON activities previously mentioned.  When the duck’s feet paddle consistently and uniformly, the bird glides smoothly forward. If the feet move irregularly or remain still, the result of working IN, the duck moves erratically or makes no forward progress.

The Duck’s Two Feet

Oh, How Time Flies

Time flies.  Years whiz by.  The hair gets whiter.

Before you know it, your lovable kiddies grow up and move out.  Grandchildren then enter your life.

Poor Performance? Maybe It’s the Boss!

For many of us, the primary contact we have with our teams are during briefings.

Leadership Lessons of Papa-hood

After a few days at a client conference in Las Vegas earlier this month, I spent a week in Texas with my daughter, Dahni, son-in-law, Mike, and grandkids, Elijah (some of you may remember him as Jah Jah Boy) and Kailah.

During the five days with my family, I realized that being a grandfather inherently brings out some critical qualities of leadership.  I refer to them as “papa-hoods” because all my grandchildren (my third grandchild, Kiki, lives in Honolulu) affectionately call me “papa.”