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Social Style Review, Part 1 - Amiable Style

This month, I’m sharing a few short reviews on the four Social Styles, supported with some great Olympic-themed videos created by Tracom, founder of the Social Style Model.

Stop! Think!

Hopefully, this quote will inspire you to lead!

“The problem with many organizations, and especially the ones that are failing, is that they tend to be over-managed and under-led.”  Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus

Is that you?   


A Tribute to Stephen Covey

Yesterday, we lost one of the great leadership and self-help gurus of our time.

A Frightening Conclusion

Throughout my eight year career as a special education teacher, I was guided by a quote by Haim Ginott, a famous Israeli teacher and author...

Happy 4th of July!

As you celebrate the 4th of July, think of this Alphonse Karr quote...

Drive the Grouches Off the Floor!

If I possessed a shop or store,

I’d drive the grouches off the floor.

I’d never let some gloomy guy

Offend the folks who come to buy.

I’d never keep a boy or clerk

With a mental toothache at his work;

Nor let a man who draws my pay

Drive customers of mine away.

I’d treat the man who takes my time

A Make or Break Point of Leadership

The biggest challenges you’ll face as a leader relate to people. The ability to sustain positive relationships with your superiors, peers, subordinatesand customers contributes significantly to success.

Here’s a list of ten ideas to get along with people:

This One’s For You, Mom...

Last month I was honored by the Rotary Club of East Honolulu with their first annual Kalama Award in the category of “Excellence in Business in Hawaii." I accepted the award FOR my mother, Irene Kaoru Furuya.  Since the award was about service, I felt the true recipient should be my mom.  She taught me early on that giving was the essence of life, and she did it by example not words.  In her mid-fifties, my mom established a successful business, by giving customer products they wanted, at prices they could af

Three Wise Men, Bearing Gifts...

Earl Nightingale professed:

“You do not raise morale in an organization.  It filters down from the top.