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The Frenzy

The frenzy thwarts leadership. The frenzy represents the many demands imposed on leaders by customers, superiors, subordinates, and the bureaucratic demands of the organization.These distractions take away from core leadership functions such as focusing, planning, communicating, coordinating, and educating.

All it Takes is One!

Consistency is the key to effective customer service. With consistency comes predictability, trust, and loyalty.

Customers want dependable products and services. They want their problems solved with a helpful attitude and a friendly smile, every time.

Forever Young: A Theme Song for Life

I just saw the latest "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie, "On Stranger Tides." In the movie, Johnny Depp ventures off to find the Fountain of Youth. It reminded me of my high school social studies class, when I was intrigued by the fourteenth century explorer, Ponce De Leon, who also sought the Fountain of Youth.


My friend Cara Heilmann, formerly of Clinical Labs of Hawaii and now an HR executive with Kaiser Permanente in California, sent me the attached YouTube video of Steve Jobs, CEO and co-founder of Apple and Pixar, giving a graduation speech at Stanford University.

Welcome to “Talk to Me”

Aloha and welcome to “Talk to Me” – Leadership Works' online community blog, where you can learn and share your perspectives on leadership, connect with other leaders and, for graduates of our Leadership Works programs, review and reinforce the skills and concepts that you’ve already learned!