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Congratulations Big Island Candies!

Christmas came early this year, when Big Island Candies announced today that they will open a temporary store at Ala Moana Center from around Thanksgiving  to just after New Year's (  Located on the mall level near the Apple Store, it will be a rare and most welcomed opportunity for Oahu residents and visitors to fill their stockings and suitcases with delicious treats that are normally available only online or by visiting their store in my hometown of Hilo, Hawaii.

The Two Biggest Mistakes You'll Ever Make

According to Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the two most critical mistakes you’ll make are:

  • Acting when you shouldn’t.
  • Not acting when you should.

"Acting when you shouldn’t" - Think Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Anthony Wiener, Bill Clinton.

If You Don't Do it Right, the Threat is in the Word: cHANGe

Today's CNN Home Page featured the following article:  "You'll Freak When You See the New Facebook"

What Do We Do With People Afflicted With Affluenza?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in the United States, influenza season usually begins in October and can last until May.  With October just arround the corner, we should all do our best to stay healthy, get plenty of rest and, for those at risk, get a flu shot.  

However, there's a different type of "flu" that recently caught my attention, which is just as contagious and can have a more devastating and longer lasting impact....

A Man is Not Great if He Thinks He Is

In Japan, the quality of a field of rice is often determined by how low the stalks bend to the ground.  I find this to be a perfect metaphor for one of the most defining charactistics of a real leader....

A Leader's Communication Promise

 A message to share with your team members...

Clarity empowers.  I promise to empower you by keeping you informed on matters affecting you and the organization on an accurate and timely basis.  Please understand that at times there will be confidential information that I cannot share, but up to that threshold, I will be open and forthright.

When Dreaded Variation Rears Its Ugly Head

We recently spent a fun week in Las Vegas.  As a member of Leading Hotels of the World, we get great deals on beautiful places to stay (for example, in Hawaii, the Halekulani Hotel is a Leading member), so we opted to stay at a higher-end resort on the Strip.  Upon arrival, the front desk staff was friendly and helpful.  The room was well-appointed and clean.  Except for one meal, the food was above average.  Then dreaded variation reared its ugly head!

The package we booked came with free breakfast coupons, and therein lay the problem....

Visionary Leaders

A recent Hawaii Business television program, entitled "Founders and Visionaries," highlighted two organizations and their leaders from my hometown of Hilo, Hawaii, both of whom I've had the privilege of working alongside for many years.

Would You Like Someone To Tell You If Your Zipper Was Down?

Feedback is a gift. Consider anyone who shares feedback, especially if it’s uncomfortable to deliver, a friend. As the old cliché goes, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” Feedback is like “fertilizer” for a plant. It helps you grow!

Leadership Lessons on the Fourth of July

As we celebrate our nation’s independence with picnics, parades, and fireworks, let us not forget the leadership that forged this great country. Our founding fathers pursued an honorable cause, acted with passionate conviction, and led with undying courage.  In their words: