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Something to Think About

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Does Your Duck Swim Straight?

Think of your organization like a duck in a pond. The duck represents system 1, your operations. The duck’s feet, or system 2, symbolize work ON activities previously mentioned.  When the duck’s feet paddle consistently and uniformly, the bird glides smoothly forward. If the feet move irregularly or remain still, the result of working IN, the duck moves erratically or makes no forward progress.

The Duck’s Two Feet

Want Less Drama?

"Say what you mean, mean what you say, and don't be mean when you say it."

Too Much Talking & Advocating, Not Enough Listening

The First Amendment gives us the freedom of speech and the right to fully express our many and varied perspectives.  It's what makes America, America.

Unfortunately, too often, before we speak and advocate for our cause, we fail to actively listen to others whose views may differ from ours.

Bonjour, Monsieur!

Deb and I just returned from a three week trip to DC, London, Paris and Brussels.

Oh, How Time Flies

Time flies.  Years whiz by.  The hair gets whiter.

Before you know it, your lovable kiddies grow up and move out.  Grandchildren then enter your life.

Poor Performance? Maybe It’s the Boss!

For many of us, the primary contact we have with our teams are during briefings.

We’ve got to stop meeting like this…

Meetings waste time and frustrate people.  So bad is the image of “meetings” that I prefer to call them “briefings” instead. 

Run Fast, Jump High!

I just got in to the office after jumping on my rebounder for 45 minutes.  In addition to jumping, I regularly work out on an elliptical machine, swim and jog. I strive to a exercise a minimum of one hour a day six days a week.  In addition, I consume mostly fish, vegetables and fruits (desserts, French fries and potato chips mess up my plan).  Every day, I take handfuls of vitamins and health supplements.  

Why such an obsession with health?

Leadership Lessons of Papa-hood

After a few days at a client conference in Las Vegas earlier this month, I spent a week in Texas with my daughter, Dahni, son-in-law, Mike, and grandkids, Elijah (some of you may remember him as Jah Jah Boy) and Kailah.

During the five days with my family, I realized that being a grandfather inherently brings out some critical qualities of leadership.  I refer to them as “papa-hoods” because all my grandchildren (my third grandchild, Kiki, lives in Honolulu) affectionately call me “papa.”