How to Make a Fruit Salad

Ever have a leader who tried to bring out the “fruits” of their team and organization by going about it the wrong way?

They get the job done, but end up crushing people’s spirits in the process.


Real leaders have a distinctive way and spirit about them that positively resonates across their organization and customers.  In a famous best-selling book, the “fruits” of this type of leader’s spirit are revealed by their actions, attitude and behaviors.


Real leaders treat everyone with respect.  They do not violate anyone's sense of dignity.


Happy people make great leaders.  Happy leaders make happy team members.  Happy team members make happy customers.


Real leaders create “lokahi” - peace, unity and harmony.


Real leaders demonstrate patience, tolerance and resilience during times of difficulty.  They "flip it" and make "tea."


Real leader treat people compassionately, recognizing that everyone has one-shot in life and that they spend the prime time of that one-shot at work.


Real leaders live “pono.”  They do what is right, moral and ethical.


Real leaders believe in their cause, themselves and their people. 


Real leaders treat people like volunteers.  They create clarity, set people up to succeed, foster involvement and recognize performance.


Real leaders stay centered, like the "great rock," which is "not disturbed by either honor or abuse."