M Power Your Leadership

During November and December 2014, we cleaned out a storage locker, which had boxes and boxes of stuff accumulated over the years.  We donated a third, dumped a third and put the rest in smaller storage lockers we have here at our condo. It was a painful exercise, draining both physically and emotionally.

As I sorted through old materials, I found an outline of how we used to structure our leadership program years ago.  At that time I called it M Powered Leadership.  Hopefully, it will serve as a reminder to many of you....

M Powered Leadership

Mission - Make a difference.

aMbition - Shoot for the extraordinary.

Model - The five key component parts of leadership:

  • Paradigm (The context of change)
  • Purpose
  • Principles
  • Process
  • People

Metaphor - Ka Makani

Mistake 1 - Working In and not ON.

Mistake 2 - Not taking care of bananas and committing implied consent.

Mistake 3 - The inability to manage Social Style weaknesses.

Mark - The colors and textures that come alive in others.

Method 1 - Flag on Path.

Method 2 - Put Big Rocks First.

Method 3 - Win at "Match Point."

Momentum Makers

  • Rhythmic rituals
  • LBWA
  • Frequency of contact
  • One pebble at a time

Mental Frame - Treat everyone like a volunteer.

Mystery - Find your “ume seed.”

Modus Operandi:

  • Conscious
  • Centered

Manner - Treat everyone with unconditional dignity, respect and kindness.

Main Difference - Set people up for success and fulfillment.

eMpower - It isn’t power that corrupts change efforts, it’s powerlessness.


  • See a vision (Base)
  • Be a good person
  • Do what needs to be done
  • Reap success and fulfillment
  • Share it (Summit)

Mind Set - View the world from the perspective of abundance and appreciation.

Miracle Makers:

  • ChaRITY
  • ClarRITY
  • IntegRITY

Management Focus - Manage yourself first.

Means - To get sustainable results, systems make it possible, people make it happen, leadership is the key.

Mastery - HEART

  • Honesty
  • Empathy
  • Accountability
  • Resilience
  • Trust

2015 marks our 33rd year in business.  Over that time, our base workshop has gone through several versions, such as M Power.  Interestingly, as I share this with you, I’m working on another reorganization of The Leadership Works Experience, hopefully to be launched in April.  The quest for perfection never ends!