Change Management

Why do People Resist Change?

As we approach a new year, leaders tend to grasp it as an opportunity to promote it as a time for change and a fresh start.  Often, efforts fail and here are a few reasons why...


People have difficulty making change if they are unclear and confused about what the change entails... why are we doing it and how will it get done? People have difficulty with unfamiliar things. Leaders need to create clarity and certainty around the change effort. 


The Little Engine that Could!

Aloha! Teri, Debbie and I just arrived in Tokyo after spending a delightful week in Singapore, working with close to 40 health care leaders, including several doctors, from various hospitals throughout the country, as part of the Ministry of Health’s Healthcare Leadership College. 

If You Don't Do it Right, the Threat is in the Word: cHANGe

Today's CNN Home Page featured the following article:  "You'll Freak When You See the New Facebook"