How To Make 2013 A Lucky Year!

Many believe that the number 13 brings bad luck.  So, let’s look at 13 things we can do as leaders to “flip” 2013 into a very lucky year!

  1. Start Smart.  Spend the first 100 days of 2013, listening to your team members, customers, non-customers, and peers.  Seek out their needs and identify their concerns and issues.  Follow-up on your findings.
  2. Start Smart.  Gather your core leaders and team members.  Thank them for all their efforts. Refocus them on the key priorities for the year.  Re-energize them with a passionate message on the importance of the team’s purpose.  Reinforce the team’s “bowl.”
  3. Start Smart.  Give all of your team members a small “gift” to thank them sincerely for their commitment and loyalty.  Gifts can range from a simple thank you letter to a Mounds candy bar with a little tag saying, “Mounds of Mahalo.”
  4. Make a list of all the positive attributes of your team and team members. Throughout the year, remind team members of these blessings.
  5. Start a new ritual that connects you with your people.  If you’ve never done one, schedule a town hall meeting or one-on-one “talk to me” sessions.  
  6. Commit to reading at least one book that focuses on overcoming a weakness.
  7. Revitalize your relationship with your spouse or significant other.  Rekindle the romance by going on date nights and really listening to each other.
  8. Commit to praising a minimum of one team member every day.
  9. Before you speak, ask: (1) Is what I’m about to say true?  (2) Does it really need to be said?  What negative ramifications will surface if I do?  (3) Does what I’m about to say  constructive?  Will it build the person I’m talking to.
  10. When difficulties arise, follow this protocol:  (1) Call time out.  (2) Step back.  (3) Rise above.  (4) Think and/or pray.  (5) Mindfully choose your next step.
  11. Revive and/or improve your “flag on path” methodology.  When flags appear, win at “match point” by doing what you said would.  Focus on following-up this year.
  12. Increase your visibility.  LBWA.  As you walk around, read and respond appropriately to any wispy tendrils.
  13. Lead yourself, like you’ve never led before.  Love the people in your life, like you never loved before.  

Motivational speaker, Brian Tracy, once said, “I’ve found that luck is quite predictable.  If you want more luck, take more chances.  Be more active.  Show up more often.”  Take his advice and at the end of 2013 you’ll say, “‘Wow, 2013 was a lucky year for me!”


Happy New Year!