Birthday Highlights

September is my birth month.  As such, every September, I give thanks for the blessings I’ve received, the people who have touched me and reflect on the leadership lessons I’ve learned along the way.

If I could put a candle on my cake for every memorable moment, I’d probably start a major fire...there’s just too many to count!  

Here are some highlights of the journey so far...

Most Influential Person

Tony Taniguchi. In my early years at KTA, Tony gave me the opportunity to facilitate his executive team and develop a leadership development program. Both became the basis of my consulting practice. Tony was my "Ka Makani" (uplifting wind) who had faith in me and set my path before me.

Best Seminar I've Ever Attended

Without a doubt, Social Style, a practical and sticky workshop that taught me the basics of building rapport and establishing sustainable relationships. 

Best Fertilizer to Grow Your Leadership

1. Stay humble and continually seek to improve
2. Read everything in your area of interest
3. Seek, accept and learn from feedback

Biggest Challenge

To consistently apply what I teach in my life.

Biggest "Aha"

Dr. W. Edwards Deming and his concept of “systems.”  Prior to Dr. Deming, my practice was focused solely on people empowerment. From studying Deming, I came to the realization that empowered people, working in a dysfunctional system, won't produce long-term, peak performance. From Dr. Deming's teaching, evolved the leadership mantra, "If you want results, systems make it possible, people make it happen and leadership is the key." 

Single Most Important Word in Leadership

Tie between two words: 

  • Cause: To serve the greater good and make a difference
  • Bifurcation: To transform, grow and establish a sustainable future

Two Most Important Words in Leadership

Thank you!

Three Most Important Words in Leadership

Talk to me!

If I Could Only Give You One Piece of Advice...

Find your life's "cause." You'll know you've found it when "your heart sings." Once you’ve found it, focus on doing things that are "cause-critical." 

The Three Biggest Mistakes a Leader Can Make

  1. Working IN versus working ON. 
  2. Not handling "bananas." 
  3. Not being able to manage one's Social Style tendencies.

Best Business Decision

Asking Debbie to join me.  She has re-branded the company, refined most of our operating and financial systems, and established relationships with our core clients.  All of this has afforded me valuable time to research and refine my content and presentations.

Proudest Accomplishment

Publishing my book, The Little Book with 50 Big Ideas on Leadership (formerly titled, PST! 50 Practical, Sticky and Transformational Thoughts to Enhance Your Leadership), which recently reached a combined 10,000 copies distributed.

Most Thankful For...

All of my clients and all of you who have taught me more than you will ever know.  Thank you for helping to put another candle on my birthday cake!


Thank you!

Thank you so much, Joy!  I appreciate you taking the time to send me well wishes.