Leaders Say Thank You For...

Happy Thanksgiving!

On this day dedicated to showing appreciation, leaders say thank you for:

  • The inspiration to serve the greater good.
  • The gift of strong personal principles and the discipline to live by them.
  • The understanding that effective systems set the stage for quality, productivity, and service.
  • The competence of team members who work hard to keep the system running well.
  • The commitment to people who seek to improve the system everyday.
  • The hearts of team members who care for their customers and deliver exceptional service.
  • The loyalty of our customers who choose us over our competition and keep us going strong.
  • The courage to face the turbulent world of uncertainty and change.
  • The strength and patience not to take personally attacks by naysayers, critics, and enemies.
  • The opportunity to truly make a difference and leave the world a better place than we found it.

Our team at Leadership Works wishes you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

Glenn, Debbie & Teri

P.S. This Thanksgiving we will be working in Japan, where we will be feasting on sushi instead of turkey, sashimi instead of ham, tempura instead of mashed potatoes - all of which will be seasoned with shoyu instead of cranberry sauce!!! Change is good!