What Makes You Thankful?

First, I apologize for not writing to you last month.  I have been caught in task inundation and flag on path failed.  I got sucked "IN."  So many things going on…trying to sell our house, moving to a new house, finishing our Fall run of the Leadership Works Experience, client engagements and a trip to American Samoa.  (Typical Expressive, excuses for everything!)

In American Samoa, Deb and I delivered the Leadership Works Experience to a group of 22 young leaders from throughout the Pacific Rim.  They are part of a one year program, called the “Executive Leadership Development Program” (#ELDP), designed to enhance the skills of emerging leaders in Guam, Palau, Saipan, the Marshall Islands, American Samoa, Pohnpei, Chuuk, Yap and Kosrae.  This year’s class represents the fourth run of this wonderful program, all of which we have been blessed to participate in and travel to different islands sharing our leadership program.

As we approach Thanksgiving, I’d like to reflect on the qualities this group demonstrated and how grateful they made us feel for what we’ve been blessed with in life.


This diverse group of individuals quickly came together as one, breaking barriers and shedding any cultural, language and nationalistic differences.  

I was reminded to be thankful that I live in Hawaii, which also shares the ideology that everyone is “same-same.”


When one member of the team was mistreated and embarrassed at an event, the entire group rallied behind him, providing support, kind words and reassurance.  

Observing this evoked gratitude for friends and family who always have my back.


In several occasions, members opened up and shared what many would consider very personal challenges.  Each individual felt comfortable enough to reveal their “truth” openly and without fear of humiliation.   

This triggered thanksgiving for people who understand and support me, especially during trying times.


In the 33 years of doing workshops, I cannot recall another group that had more fun.  Throughout the 7 days we were together, everyone laughed until we cried.   It seemed like a comedy show!  I’d say something, one person would bust out laughing, then everyone would join in and we’d have a “laugh-fest.”

Laughter they say is the “best medicine.”  It makes us forget our troubles and lightens our burdens. I came to realize how blessed we are to have laughter as part of our lives.


In the end, this group showed me how compassion for each other leads to alignment and synergy.  More than any group I’ve ever worked with, this one brought out the essence of what love is.

I became even more thankful for people who truly care for others.

To all of you, Mahalo for your friendship and support of Leadership Works!  May you find joy and gratitude in all you do and never forget to give Thanks.

Wishing You All a Happy Thanksgiving,

Glenn, Debbie and Teri