My final installment on generational issues concludes with my own generation, known as the Baby Boomers....

Baby Boomers. A term ("baby boom") technically used to describe any period marked by a greatly increased birth rate, this generation makes up a substantial portion of the North American population and will have a significant impact on the workplace and economy going forward.



Boomers, Boomies, Post WWII Generation

Birth Years

1946 - 1964

Current Age

48 - 66 years

 Suggestions to Motivate

  • Boomers work hard, are cause focused and strive to achieve. Spark their desire to make a difference personally and professionally. Summon their long-lost rebellious nature (remember, they grew up in the 60s, pioneered “women’s lib” and protested Vietnam) with fresh challenges that trigger their competitiveness, leverage their intellect and borrow from their experiences.
  • Treat them respectfully and most important, listen to them. When managing a Boomer, demonstrate technical competence, exemplify “old school” work ethic, and “pay your dues.”
  • With predictions that they will exit the workforce at an estimated rate of 3,000 workers per day over the next decade, remember that Boomers will walk away with a wealth of knowledge and experiences that is unseen in the current, more transient Gen X & Gen Y workers. Tap in to this valuable history and assist their expertise in “bringing up” younger, less-experienced workers. Provide them opportunities to mentor and pass on these seeds of wisdom.
  • As late entries in the digital age, make time to communicate to them face-to-face.  Although comfortable with emailing, many still haven’t bought-in to Facebook, Twitter and texting and prefer “traditional” communication methods
  • Now in their 50s and 60s, many Boomers have achieved the highest levels of success within their organizations (Bill Gates, Oprah and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts are Boomers). Praise and acknowledge their tremendous social and economical impacts and allow them to continue to shine.
  • Over the last several years, Boomers also saw significant decreases in their retirement savings. As a result, many are putting off retirement plans. Caught in this unfortunate economic downturn, but no longer interested in climbing the “corporate ladder,” continue to provide them opportunities to contribute and help them feel secure.
  • Build strong one-on-one relationships. Uncomfortable with over-controlling leaders, Boomers can become “political animals” who openly challenge authority when threatened.
  • Often seen as “workaholics,” help them find work / life balance by providing them with flexible work schedules that will allow them to travel, exercise and pursue other interests while still enjoying their good health.
  • Promote company benefits, as Boomers seem preoccupied with medical plans, life insurance and retirement packages.

I’m a Boomer and proud to be one!  Overall, I think we made a difference and made our parents proud!