As we close out another year, take some time to reflect and appreciate the many blessing you enjoy.  Here’s what appreciation means to me.

A Abundance

Appreciate life's simple blessings - good health, loving family, caring friends and a fulfilling job.  Abundance thinking generates positive energy and joy.

P Purpose

Appreciate your life’s mission to leave the world a better place than you found it. Live a “purpose driven”life.

P Petty Tyrants

Appreciate petty tyrants - difficult people and distressing situations that confront us as we go through life.  They teach you invaluable lessons and make you stronger.

R Respectfulness

Appreciate the many people, friends and strangers, who treat you with respect and never violate your sense of dignity.

E Energy

Appreciate the energy that keeps you forever young.  Continue to build and sustain vibrancy by a living a meaningful life, working with passion, exercising and eating healthily and loving others.

C Commitment

Appreciate those who fully commit their lives to a cause from aiding the underprivileged to finding a cure for cancer.  Be thankful for our men and women in uniform - military, police, fire - who risk their lives everyday when they go to work.

I Initiative

Appreciate people who go the “extra mile”without being asked to provide extraordinary service and help you solve problems, all with a cheerful disposition - everyday people like plumbers, retail clerks, handymen, resident managers and other everyday people.

A Aloha

Appreciate living in Hawaii where people are humble, nice and considerate - think Marcus Mariota!

T Teamwork

Appreciate those at work who do their share, work cooperatively and are always pleasant.

I Integrity

Appreciate people who tell the truth,“walk their talk,” and live trustworthy lives.

O Options

Appreciate that we are Americans with the ability to choose, free to pursue our dreams and make a difference in our lives.

N Now

Appreciate the moment.  When asked when he was the happiest, the Dalai Llama replied, “Right now.”  As my pastor told us on Sunday, “Heal the past. Dream of the future. Live in the present.”


Debbie, Teri and I appreciate all of you and wish you a healthy and happy 2015!