Meet Glenn Furuya

President & CEO of Leadership Works

The concepts and philosophies of Leadership Works reflect the unique background of its founder, Glenn Furuya. Born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii, Glenn’s Eastern heritage, island upbringing and Western education form a unique three-way blend - a confluence of ideologies that is critical for success in today’s global economy.

Glenn holds Bachelor and Master Degrees in Education from the University of Hawaii and started his career as a special education teacher, an eight-year journey that he says really taught him to lead. Faced with a classroom of adolescent children, many with severe mental and emotional disabilities, Glenn created strategies and fostered an environment that inspired these children to learn and was recognized as one of Hawaii’s “Outstanding Young Educators.”

During this time, Glenn also served as the head of advertising and assistant to the company President at KTA Super Stores, a family-owned grocery chain based in Hilo, Hawaii. There he gained valuable business experiences and insights as a key member of a team tasked with transforming the organization from a small, family-owned market to a modern retail entity.

In 1982, armed with profound knowledge in both education and business, Glenn left his teaching position and job at the market to pursue his passion in leadership and formed Leadership Works – a company that has been devoted to growing people, teams and businesses for the last 30 years.

Glenn is a certified Social Styles and Hay Assessment trainer, has trained with some of the top seminar and business leaders of our time, including Dr. W. Edwards Deming – the father of the quality movement in Japan, has worked side-by-side with numerous leaders and organizations of all sizes and industries, and was featured in a series of leadership vignettes on KHNL’s Monday Morning News. His extensive knowledge in leadership and process improvement, energetic and engaging method of teaching and ability to reach across cultures has made him one of the top leadership experts and educators in his field.

His recently published book, The Little Book with 50 Big Ideas on Leadership, has sold over 12,000 copies worldwide!

A word from Glenn Furuya, President and Chief Educational Officer of Leadership Works