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Leadership Works is a world-class business development and consulting company that creates personal, professional and organizational growth.

Founded in 1982 by Glenn Furuya, President and CEO of Leadership Works, we offer a distinctive approach to developing leaders, building teams and enhancing organizational performance, which borrows from the wisdom of Eastern, Western and Polynesian cultures.

Based on decades of research in adult learning theory, our workshops and services deliver a proven and effective approach to learning through the presentation of relevant, thought-provoking information, participant interaction, self-discovery and engaging discussions and activities. Key concepts and ideas are reinforced through colorful illustrations, unique metaphors and creative acronyms that “stick.” 

We believe that investing in your people yields greater commitment, enhanced teamwork, exceptional service and higher productivity, which helps to retain employees who recognize and appreciate a positive climate for their personal and professional growth. We recognize the importance of this investment and work with you to establish a strong partnership and foundation for human resource development and culture-building that produces bottom-line results. 

We invite you to learn more about how we can help you grow, join our leadership community or contact us for more information.

A word from Glenn Furuya, President and Chief Educational Officer of Leadership Works